Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is carried out to eliminate the discomfort and distress...

Breast Reduction

Why breast reduction?

Breast reduction is carried out to eliminate the discomfort and distress of extremely large and heavy breasts. The surgery is recommended in cases when large breasts limit movements, limit physical activities or cause pain in the shoulder, back or neck area. Genetics are also one of the reasons which cause large breasts and thus, create problems for the patients. Even more incapacitating are the psychological effects of having large breasts. It’s common for women with large breasts to be awfully self-conscious.

Breast reduction surgery at Dr Kalia’s NOVENA CLINIC in Chandigarh is highly successful in treating all these symptoms in most women.

The Procedure
  • Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammaplasty, has truly been life-changing procedure that has helped females renew their self-image and confidence
  • During the plastic surgery, the size of the breast mammary gland is decreased, the excess skin is lifted and breasts of a proportional shape are surgically formed
  • A part of the breast tissue is removed and the breast is reduced to the desired shape and size
  • The surgeon then tightens the skin and repositions the nipple
  • The technique ensures firm breasts but does involve a relatively large scar that, in the best of cases, becomes just a thin, white and scarcely visible line
  • The procedure is normally performed under general anaesthesia, and most patients are able to go home the same day
  • Recovery times are different for everyone but usually last two to three weeks
Complications, Care
  • The breasts are bandaged in the shape of a bra after a breast reduction.
  • A real support bra is then worn for two months.
  • For a few days, patients may experience some pulling or even pain when lifting their arms.
  • Seldom, the nipples may be a little numb immediately after surgery.
  • In the long-term, the nipples and breasts suffer no loss of sensation and, generally, breast-feeding is possible after a breast reduction.
  • It is recommended to avoid pregnancy in the first year following surgery.
  • It is also recommended that patients resume their daily and professional activities about one to two weeks following surgery.
  • Heavy lifting should also be avoided during the initial days.
  • Avoid sunbathing and if one wishes to sunbathe topless during the first year of the surgery, a high factor sun protection should be applied to the scars.
  • You may start fitness and exercising after three months.



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