Abdomen and love handles are the most common area to be treated by liposuction..

Abdomen and love handles are the most common area to be treated by liposuction. If someone wants to have the most dramatic change in the body, than abdomen and love handles is our recommended area to be done first. This is because this area of the body has the easiest recovery, most dramatic and pleasing aesthetic appearance.

The abdominal fat has the two different levels of fat, a superficial and deep layer. Superficial abdominal fat is located just below skin and above abdominal muscles, whereas the deep abdominal fat is located inside the abdominal peritoneal cavity where the intestines are located. Liposuction does not go into this area of the body. Fat around the intestines is only decreased by diet, weight loss, and exercise.

The great news is the more superficial layer of fat can be removed by ultrasound-assisted liposuction. Female patients have softer and less fibrous fat compared to men, and therefore liposuction on a woman is easier to perform. The final cosmetic or surgical goal is to produce an aesthetic improvement and a natural flat abdomen.



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