Hymenoplasty involves repairing and reconstructing the hymen--


Hymenoplasty involves repairing and reconstructing the hymen or elastic membrane of the vaginal aperture. The hymen usually tears after woman’s first sexual encounter or with the insertion of a tampon or strenuous exercises.

With the hymenoplasty, our expert team of doctors help to repair the torn hymen and carry out the process under full confidentiality and as per the cultural compliances. We completely understand the importance of the secrecy under such concerns, and thus we at Dr Kalia ensure to offer a happy and satisfied customer through the procedure.

When you should go for hymenoplasty?

If you are a female who has the hymen torn or due to any structural problem if you are facing any trouble and looking for a simple solution to get it repaired then consult us for hymenoplasty procedure.

Procedure for Hymenoplasty

Hymenoplasty is a simple and effective cosmetic procedure in which one can easily restore the hymenal ring surrounding the vagina with minimal risks to the patient.

  • With the process of sowing the teared hymenal tissue with the dissolvable stitches, the new hymen is reconstructed with complete credibility.
  • Depending on person to person, the hymenoplasty procedure may vary from 30 to 45 minutes with at least a time period of feasible days.
  • In order to undergo the procedure the only thing that needs to be checked is that the surgery is getting carried on a patient who is healthy and having a ruptured hymen. Furthermore, the woman should not be suffering from diabetes or any kind of heart ailments that can affect the body of the person. The procedure is a simple one with less of stress to the body and is quite a considerable one for getting the structuring of the hymen.
Precautions for Hymenoplasty
  • Though one can go back to work with a day or two post surgery but complete rest should be taken care along with abstaining from any kind of sexual intercourse for at least a period of 4 to 5 weeks as hymen needs to be taken care and is sensitive.
  • Prefer regular checkups with doctor.
  • Before undergoing the surgery, it should be checked that the person is above 18 as well as complete gynaecological assessment should be made.
  • Dizziness and loss of energy due to surgery



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