Male Chest Reduction

Gynaecomastia means abnormal enlargement of male breast

Male Chest Reduction (Gynaecomastia)

Gynaecomastia means abnormal enlargement of male breast. It originates from Greek words means breast.

How does it Occurs?

This condition most commonly arises at puberty because of disturbance in sexual hormonal balance (increase in level of Estrogen). Gynaecomastia mostly resolve within two years without treatment and does not require any treatment. But in cases, where the Gyneacomastia does not resolve, it leads to psychological disturbances in men and then require treatment.

It also occurs because of certain medicines and some diseases.

In generalised obese cases, only accumulation of fatty tissue occurs without enlargement of glandular tissue and the condition is called Pseudo gynaecomastia.

What does it consist of?

Most cases of male breast (Gyneacomastia) consist of combination of fat and mammary gland tissue in varying proportion.

In body builder and men without much fat, it mainly consists of glandular tissue.

Once it persists for more than two years, male breast (Gyneacomastia) increase with age because generalized increase in fatty tissue over the body with age.

When can you have the surgery?

Surgery is typically sought by boys in their late teen and men between ages of 20 to 60 years.

Why to undergo surgery?

Gynaecomastia is not physically harmful and doesn’t lead to any disturbance in body functions.

The presence of abnormal enlargement of breast is psychological disturbing , moreover it restrain from certain physical activities in which person have to bare his chest like swimming , certain religious function, and wearing certain cloths like T shirts.

Glandular tissue does not decrease in size with exercise or by any other method so surgery is only solution. Many men choose to live with the problem, either due to lack of knowledge about the treatment modality or not bothered about their physical appearance.

How Lysonix is better than normal Liposuction?

In normal liposuction most of time glandular tissue cannot be removed by liposuction alone and so surgical incision is given around areola to remove the glandular tissue, this leads to additional scarring and complications.

Lysonix use the ultrasonic energy to liquefy the fat and gland and so no additional cut is required to remove the gland. Moreover, Lysonix cause less tissue trauma, decrease operative time and early recovery .

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