• Many women are genetically predisposed for fat accumulation on the back of the upper arms, the area that overlies the triceps muscle. Even with the most dedicated exercise regimen for the triceps muscle, it is very hard to shape this area without help. Women usually complain that they know they have a firm and toned triceps muscle, but it is hidden beneath a layer of fat.
    Another common problem for women is that arm sleeves may feel tight when the correct size is worn for the body garments. This makes blouse and dress selection very frustrating.

    The goal of liposuction of back of the arms is reduction of the fat to reveal the underlying toned triceps muscle, allow a more comfortable fit in sleeves and to feel more attractive in sleeveless or short-sleeved blouses and dresses. These are goals that are usually realistic for most women who are seeking liposuction of the arms.