Neck and Chin Lift for Men

The neck and the chin often tell a man’s age ...

Neck and Chin Lift for Men

The neck and the chin often tell a man’s age. The demand for neck lift and chin lift in men is high and desirable due to its striking results. The procedure, however, is usually combined with the mini or full face lift.

Why should men go for Neck lift or Chin lift?

A drooping skin on neck, or an undesirable double-chin could either be a direct consequence from aging or from high obesity. It can be reshaped with a neck lift procedure – restoring a tight, youthful skin appearance under the chin and neck area which has lost elasticity.

With the neck and chin lift procedure, the surplus skin and fatty tissues, which are the signs of aging, are removed. The neck lift tightens and smoothens out the neck and chin. It corrects the skin sagging and the underlying neck muscles.

What is the Procedure for Neck lift/Chin lift?
  • The first step of the operation usually consists of liposuction, i.e. the removal of the excess fat of the neck.
  • Then the muscles are then tightened and excess skin is removed.
  • The neck lift then involves the re-draping of the skin without being pulled too much, so that the skin retains its natural virtues and appearance.

A neck lift is carried out under regular anaesthetic sedation.

Time of Surgery

The chin lift as well as the neck lift procedures take an average time of one to one and a half hours.

Your Stay

A neck lift does not usually require an overnight stay at the clinic. This is treated as a day-case. Patients leave the clinic in their own sweet time on the day of the procedure.

  • After the surgery, it is fairly normal to feel tightening and pulling of the skin around the area which is operated.
  • There may be some sensitivity in the treated area.
  • There may be some drowsiness due to the anaesthesia post operation.
  • There may also be some drowsiness due to antibiotics.
  • The scars (if any) disappear within a month’s time in most cases.
  • The patient will wear a prescribed pressure garment for seven days to reduce the swelling.
  • There should not be any particular pain, just some discomfort.
  • Two to three weeks later, the neck regains its natural and youthful contour.
Post Operation Care
  • Do not involve in strenuous activities for a month’s time.
  • Avoid spicy/oily food for 2 weeks.
  • Do not turn your neck agitatedly.
  • Avoid looking too much down.
  • Sleep looking up and avoid sleeping upside down.
  • Take your medicines diligently.
  • Wear your pressure garment cautiously to avoid swelling.
  • Avoid sun exposure for at least two months following the surgery.
Resuming Activities

Patients may resume their daily activities after about fifteen days.


The initial results can be seen after one month. The final results are noticeable after about five to six months. When a neck lift and chin lift is combined with a mini face lift, it helps a person look eight to ten years younger than the usual in just some hours.



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