Thigh Lift or Leg Lift or Thighplasty

It is often that the thighs have lost much of their youthful shape ...

Thigh Lift or Leg Lift or Thighplasty

What is a thigh/leg lift?

It is often that the thighs have lost much of their youthful shape. For most people, the condition results from some combination of aging and gravity, and weight loss can be a reason as well. It is no longer required to be overly conscious about it and hide it under drapes. A thigh lift may be the perfect solution for you.

The thigh lift procedure lifts up drooping, flabby thigh tissue and removes excess skin that has lost its elasticity. The award winning plastic surgeons at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery want to help you look your best, and they can work with you in consultation to determine whether the procedure will help you achieve your goals. They customize each thigh lift to each person’s individual needs, utilizing techniques and incisions that will yield the best result.

The Procedure
  • All smokers should stop at least two months before the procedure to avoid the risk of complications associated.
  • Any extra medications too should be stopped after a thorough consultation
  • In clients that have good skin elasticity, liposuction can be performed alone with good results in this area. Sometimes, liposuction will be used in conjunction with a thigh lift to get the optimal result.
  • Most thigh lifts only involve a medial (inner) thigh lift. The incision and scar will be in the same inner area.
  • In patients with excess skin and fat that goes all of the way down to the knee, the incision will be carried down the inside of the upper leg to above the knee.
  • If a lateral (outer) thigh lift is needed, the incision/scar will extend from the same area and around the hip.
  • In both types, the incisions are carefully made and the excess skin and fat is gently removed.
  • If done alone, this operation is usually performed in an outpatient surgery centre with the client going home the same day.
  • The operation usually takes between two to four hours.

The operation is done under general, mild anaesthesia.

Complications, Care
  • Along with surgical drains for bleeding and excess fluid, the patient will also have compression wraps around operated thighs.
  • The prescription should be dedicatedly followed to avoid any pain, infection or side effects.
  • The follow-up appointments should also be religiously followed and during an appointment, the surgical drains are removed.
  • The stitches are dissolved with time and they do not need to be manually removed.
  • Light duty and work can be resumed in two weeks time, however, the full activity and exercise should not be resumed before six weeks of the surgery.
  • Complications can include post-operative bleeding, infection, wound healing problems, or the fluid collection. A little bit of sensation can also be there at the surgery spot.
  • he scar is inevitable if you want the contouring. However, with proper cosmetic surgery, the scar can also be removed easily.

The results of a thigh lift are usually outstanding, even if the scarring on the inner part of the thigh remains visible. After a thighplasty, you will no longer have loose skin around your inner thighs. The scars fade away nicely over time and you’ll love wearing shorts, skirts and all the desirable dresses with your new legs.



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