Dimple Creation

Natural dimples typically occur on both sides of the face ...

Dimple Surgery

Dimples add a lot of beauty and elevate the personality of the person. Though a natural dimple can be created with small defect on the cheek muscles, people prefer to get dimples artificially. With the help of the surgical procedure, one can have dimples and it is in great demand.

Dr. Kalia is the perfect person to access it in a proper manner so that your dimples can be created in a perfect way.

Why go for Dimple Surgery?

While some people love to flaunt a bit of style with dimple, there are people who have a significant value of dimples as a part of their custom. As per the location and size of the dimple required, our expert Dr. Kalia will accordingly carry out the proper surgery.

Procedure for Dimple Creation Surgery
  • Firstly, a small painless incision is made inside the cheeks. No incision or scar is made outside the skin. The stitch is dissolvable and can be made where the skin surface requires a dimple.
  • Tying the stitch causes the fissure in the overlying skin. Dimple can easily be visible without smiling with a perfect look. However, after some time the dimple will be noticeable when you will smile or move your face.
  • Once the stitch gets dissolve with the help of the inner skin as well as muscle, it generates a permanent dimple in the well-defined manner.

No matter what kind and size of the cheek you have, we make sure to carry out the recreation in the best possible way.

Precautions for Dimple Creation Surgery
  • Don’t consume too hot or too cold food for a week.
  • Don’t scratch on the cheek
  • Always go for the regular checkups with the doctor
  • Don’t smoke for a particular amount of time so that you can recover fast.
Complications Associated with Dimple Creation Surgery
  • Swelling and little bruising on the face
  • Dizziness due to local anaesthesia
  • Infection in rare cases

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